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Hello, I'm Jeremy Shada not really, I'm Dani, but you probably know me better as the voice of Finn from Adventure Time. I'm here to help you out with your roleplaying needs! +

Are you seeking advice? Recommendations? Resources? Well you have come to the right place. Hit up an ask and I can definitely help you.

{ I won't do reviews, but advice will be given if asked }

Don't be afraid to ask some questions or request things! I'm all open.

I'lI be willing to help you as much as I can, but at times I can get a bit busy, so on some days. Just a quick heads up.

I answer all asks, so if I don't reply to yours, tumblr must've eaten it- I apologise

I hoope to see you soon, Have a great day! x

jeremy shada
btw, your shoes don't match your purse

Underused FC’s: Marissa von Bleicken

What she pull off:

  • Girl next-door
Her cheery disposition and face structure gives her a quite unique and innocent look. 
  • Ditzy girl
She could play the ditzy girl who makes handmade jewelry. Have you seen her banana earrings? Cute. She can replace your typical Arianna Grande at this role.
  • Bitchy Queen-Bee
Her eyebrows give her a stern look when not smiling. Her gull lips just give her an “umph” that kind of stands out from the crowd. “Umph” lips and Sharp eyebrows, along with a pair of beautiful eyes makes the perfect head-of-school bitch.